Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The World's Best $9 Pitcher

I think the world's greatest $9 pitcher of beer can be had at Moody's Pub, 5910 N. Broadway Ave., in Chicago, Ill. This dark, dank and ridiculously smoky establishment pours wonderfully tasty pitchers of Anchor Steam for just nine bucks. The pride of the San Francisco brewing scene, that American Classic, Anchor Steam. That caramelly malt flavor backed by a bracing bitter finish is what makes this beer so tasty and is made especially enjoyable on tap at Moody's for a measley nine bucks.

Of course, there is more than just the Steam at Moody's. Other cheap and tasty beers on tap include Becks, Berghoff Dark, Michelob and Michelob Light. When me and my companions first walked into Moody's, we were overcome with smoke; not cigaratte smoke, but smoke from the grill -- the instense aroma of onion rings and burgers. To be honest, I'd never entered such a smoke-filled establishment in my life and after briefly being struck by the curiousity of the very dark, smoke-filled room, me and my companions fled to the outdoors and the huge beer garden.

A summer evening at Moody's is very pleasureable outside in the beer garden, sitting underneath a canopy of trees on a huge deck on a warm June evening, almost completely in the dark. (You can't be afraid of the dark to sit in the beer garden at Moody's and I'm not talking about the dark beer.) One strains the eyes to see their companion across the table, lit only by a flickering patio candle. Lighted globes mark the perimeter of the space, while a lone, naked lightbulb points out some steps that must be carefully navigated by the wait staff, and serve as a built-in sobriety test for patrons.

I would like to go back to Moody's and actually taste the onion rings that we smelled all night long; although the smoke from the grill was so thick I felt like I had conusmed a plate of them. I'm told the burgers are classic and can't be missed. Other fare is offered, too, and the menu can be browsed at moodyspub.com/.