Tuesday, April 08, 2014

So the other day I was told about Josephsbrau Prost (Rich Malty Lager) by my cashier at Trader Joe's. The conversation went something like this, "Do you like beer? Do you like bock? We have a new Maibock, do you want to try it?" The look on my face must've have shown indifference because the cashier followed with "it's only a dollar a bottle and I can get you one if you want." I agreed to try it and he fetched the bottle. "If you don't like it you can bring the empty bottle back and we'll refund your money."

Well, heck...it's not hat bad. It's not great either, but at 7.3 percent alcohol by volume it at least provides a fairly flavorful cheap buzz. The maltiness isn't that smooth, but it is slightly complex with some interesting caramel notes and almost a hint of coffee. Yeah, I know a little weird for an amber bock, but not bad. At a buck of bottle it's a decent low-end craft beer that I think fits the high-end of the cheap category. Available now for a limited time.