Friday, October 24, 2008

Simpler Times?

As anyone who has followed this blog for some time has probably noticed, Trader Joe's is a good place for cheap beer. Some of it is good, some not so good. This evening while buying some groceries I spotted Simpler Times Pilsner, a beer brewed by Minhas Brewing Co. (formerly Huber) in Monroe, Wisconsin. I haven't had too many Minhas private label beers. I've had more of their contract brews such as the Berghoff brand.

Simpler Times Pilsner is a pretty good lookin' clear, golden beer that pours with plenty of foam that builds a rocky head. The label advertises hops, and I think I can pick them out in the smell. The rest of the beer ain't bad either. As smooth, very drinkable pilsner, Simpler Times can't be beat. Sure it's kind of plain except for little bit of floral hops and a bit of bubblegum sweet finish, but it called Simpler Times. Not bad at all for a standard American-style lager and pretty cheap at $0.84 a bottle. Drink it cold though, it gets a little too sweet as it warms up.

There is also a Simpler Times Lager, which I didn't buy, that is stronger (6.2 percent compared to 5.5 for the Pilsner), but somehow a dollar a six-pack cheaper. Perhaps more adjunct?